Welcome to our pay on line page.  Please read the following prior to using this pay service

Pay online rules

  • You will need your checking account number and the bank routing number.
  • You will be charged for a non-sufficient funds transactions $30.00, plus a reprocessing fee for a second attempt $25.00.  Please do not use this service if you do not have funds to cover the transaction.
  • You may elect to process your e-check rent payment automatically every month.
  • Payments are non-refundable thru this service, if you have an issue with any payments you will have to call 608 783 5809 and discuss it with Alexis.
  • $1500.00 is the maximum transaction amount. If the amount owed is greater than $1500.00 it will be necessary to enter a second transaction.
  • This is a secure ACH processing site.
  • If you agree with the rules click on the button below and proceed with the convenience of our pay-online service and thankyou.

Single Payment

Credit card Payments coming soon