First off, thank you for considering application to one of our quality rental units. Please read below to learn about our application screening process and what you can expect. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at: 608 783 5809

Application Screening Fee: $25 for one applicant, and an additional $15 for each additional applicant. The screening fee is to cover the cost of obtaining information on the applicant(s) as we process the application for a rental agreement.

Application Process: We offer application forms to everyone who inquires about the rental. We review applications in the order they are received by us. We may require up to 5 business days to verify information on the application; however, most applications are processed in 2-3 days. If we are unable to verify information on the application, the application may be denied.

Complete Application: Unless joint applicants are married, each must submit a separate application. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. We will accept the first qualified applicant(s).

Identification: Applicants must submit valid identification, must include photograph. Government ID is preferred (drivers license) Prior Rental History:Rental history of 2 years (if applicable) must be verifiable from unbiased/unrelated sources. Applicant must provide us with information necessary to contact past landlords. We reserve the right to deny any application if, after making good faith effort, we are unable to verify prior rental history.

Sufficient Income/Resources: Net household income shall be at least 3 times the rent (excluding utilities). Income/resources must be verifiable through pay stubs, employer contact, current tax records, and/or bank statements.

Credit/Criminal/Public Records Check: Negative reports may result in denial of application. Any individual who is a current illegal substance abuser, or has been convicted of the illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance, or of a felony may be denied of tenancy.

Screening Process: We determine, based on the application, whether the applicant meets our screening guidelines. We verify income and resources. We check with current and previous landlords. We obtain a credit report, criminal records report, and public records report.
Or you can fax to 608 783 5844 or delivered by mail or given personally after making an apointment with us, call 608 783 5809.
Enter your info,TAB to each line, when complete you must click on the submit button. Please call us to insure timely processing 608 608-783-5809 or 800 410 9604.

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